Dyson V6 Trigger: What a Great Vacuum for Allergies

Dyson renamed the DC59 animal as now Dyson V6. The newly dubbed Dyson v6 will have a fresh coat of paint a lost a couple of attachments. The solid performance of the Dyson v6 will shine even brighter than before.

The Dyson v6 will provide the same cleaning performance of Dyson larger vacuum cleaners but this will be in the small, portable and cordless body.

Design and features

The Dyson v6 trigger will be an ultra lightweight, cordless and cyclonic vacuum. This vacuum includes motor, cyclones, and dustbin. This attachment will lock into place with ease and switch between the lock to the touch of a button. The v6 will sweep under the lower furniture than models like the GTECH AirRam. It will not clean along the wide path when compared to a standard upright but it is similar to the lightweight models.

The appearance of the v6 will be revolutionary when it came out. The Dyson dust bin capacity will be small and the button across from the trigger will release the bin latch. The bin on the v6 will be incredibly user-friendly. The durability of the Dyson v6 will concern like the larger companions.

To preserve battery life and reduced wasted energy, Dyson will use a trigger in lieu of an on and off switch. With a trigger, you can use the vacuum when you are approaching the debris.

The bulk of weight will rests in your hand then v6 will be easy to push forward when you are using the extension wand. The Dyson v6 comes with a variety of accessories to tackle a job. It will be useful if you forget to charge the v6 between cleans and important point to consider that the battery life will remain 20 minutes.

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User Reviews

Sarah Jane Vester – I love this thing, we have the animal dyson upright and loved it so much we replaced our dust buster and it is amazing.

Carol K. – I hesitated buying this after reading some of the negative reviews. I’ve used it now for several weeks and it works great. The container empties easily, picks up the cat fur and litter without a problem. I’ve only used the max once so I don’t know how long the battery would last if used consistently. But there’s no need. The regular power works great. There’s only one negative thing and that’s the price. I doubt I would be have bought it at full price. No hand held is worth that kind of money. But on sale, definitely.

Dan In NJ – Surprisingly powerful and versatile. My son has one and I used it at his house. I was so impressed I bought this one for my other son. Gets into spaces even a canister vac with attachments won’t go. Makes quick work of stairs and those stubborn Christmas tree needles!

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