How Long Does Alcohol Poisoning Last?

If you drink a tremendous amount of alcohol frequently, you are likely to get alcohol poisoning. It is a serious consequence of drinking more alcohol than recommended on a regular basis. It can affect your stomach, heart rate, breathing, and gag reflexes. Sometimes, the consequences of overdrinking can become fatal and lead to a coma.

Signs and Symptoms

There are numerous signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning such as slow and irregular breathing, low body temperature (hypothermia), vomiting, confusion, unconsciousness, seizures, pale or bluish skin, and stupor.

If you are accompanying a person who has drunk excessively and have noticed one or more signs of alcohol poisoning, don’t wait for all the symptoms to occur and take that person to a hospital as soon as possible. You can even call the emergency line if you suspect someone to have an alcohol overdose.


The following are the factors which can determine how long it will stay in your system:

  • Age: If you are a young individual, alcohol will get out of your body fast as compared to people aged above thirty.
  • Gender: A woman’s body takes longer to eliminate alcohol as compared to a man’s body.
  • Type: It also depends on the kind of alcohol you have consumed. The effects of some alcohols are greater than others.
  • Food: If you have drunk alcohol on an empty stomach, it will take a lot of time to metabolize it.
  • Weight: An individual’s weight can play a significant role too. If you have a low weight, alcohol might affect you significantly.
  • Other factors: It also depends on the time passed since your last drink because its effect reduces every passing hour.


The length of alcohol poisoning depends on whether you need to be detoxed and how your liver responds. If a person has a minor case of alcohol poisoning, it will end quickly and won’t last for more than twenty-four hours.

However, if the case is extreme, it can even lead to death. A chronic overuse of alcohol can adversely affect different organs of your body like liver, brain, heart, skin, and blood cells. If you like to drink alcohol, you should drink moderately or else you can suffer from severe results.